Sunday, February 21, 2010


we have just had the most amazing weekend.  We decided on Thursday night that we were going to go and see  husband's grandmother.  So on Friday we toddled down to Wanganui and stayed the night at nans.  Next morning we did the round with the cousins and then back home to get ready for stock cars YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!  Low and behold Nan decided that she was going to come too!  At 80 years old LOL.  So husband, I the kidlets and Nan went to the speedway to watch the NZ champs.  OMG it had been far too long for this petrol head and I had a ball!  Better still the car I was following won and on his victory lap after some very loud encouragement from husband and I pulled some wicked doughnuts right in front of us.  Pure music to my ears !!!!!!!!!!!



will update later on the next part of the weekend LOL, best go put the wee ones to bed.