Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 more sleeps

Until I have to go back to work, boohoo!  Mind you it has been a topsey turvey start to the new year.  I think that I may have to learn to do one project at a time, but alas I am a typical gemini and tend to get bored with just the one project so like to jump between quite a few things all the time.  At the moment I have the pliers out to make another set of stitch markers.  I have begun hand  carding my raw fleece in the lounge and have my knitting sitting on the couch LOL.  Husband is trying to sing along with the computer, he is loading his MP3 a very PAINFUL process in this house, this means that we are subjected to his lyrics to the songs and him singing louder than the stereo whilst managing to not even acknowledge that the others in the family are trying to watch telly.  I can. not. wait. until he gets all his playlists done, I have heard songs I am sure weren't even thought of when I was a baby haha.  OMG we have now progressed from singing to whistling - save me please!  Anyway, I think me and my laptop will just go to the other end of the house and watch telly, thank god for the 2nd tv that came free when we upgraded our last tv.

and I am very pleased to add my finally finished Ishbel!  I hope my Ma likes it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

things I would like to achieve by the end of 2010.

Finally the sun has come out to play, yippee!  so I thought I would start my list of things I would like to get done by the end of this year. So starting with a random list that I can come and add to:
  1. learn how to quilt.
  2. make a quilt
  3. spin a raw fleece
  4. knit spun raw fleece into jersey.
  5. make taaniko purse
  6. make 3 pairs of Taaniko earrings
  7. make a fabric bead necklace
  8. make fingerless gloves for mama
  9. make 2 more pinwheel totes
  10. make a junior pinwheel tote for my princess
  11. sew an outfit from scratch for the wee princess.
  12. knit an ishbel and finish it
  13. knit myself something
  14. knit a dishcloth every 3 months for sanity hehe
  15. do the ironing once a week for a month no stops lol
  16. learn how to make Rewana bread
  17. make a paraoa takakau
  18. make a paraoa parai
  19. visit my mama more
  20. visit nan J once every 6 months.
  21. attend knitting night when it starts up.
  22. have no washing come saturday mornings.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally finished!

My pin wheel tote that I had purchased the fabric for before christmas and it has been waiting for me to get the confidence to sew.  After cooking grandma a roast and playing meals on wheels till 10.30ish last night, I made it home and decided to do a clean so I could spend the day playing.  I managed to finally put away the last of the things from the camping trip and also get everything all in order so I could have a sleep in and spend the day crafting.  The sleepin didn't happen due to the kids texting at 6.44am this morning - I am very glad they are alright, but I had to crawl back into bed because the brain was shitty from not enough sleep lol.  Woke up and thought today is the day baby! so here it is!


I am very proud of my bag even though I discovered that the stitching didn't measure up to the 1/4 inch it was supposed to LOL.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today is the day....

That I sort my S%$# out and get myself out of the negative hole I have dug myself into the last week.  Things aren't going so well in the working life and quite frankly, it has consumed my childfree week worrying about what is going on.  I have a great husband who has lent his ear all week and been very supportive, but I am now realising that with my negative thinking and worry I am going to the pack!  So I guess it is a good time to reflect....  An opportunity to embrace what the future brings and learn to grow within myself.

On another note I have increased my craft  supplies to add the above which contain

Some fleeces straight out of the shearing shed for spinning this is sheeps wool

A half a fage of Alpaca

The beginning of a new project - secret squirrel

OOh my mad mango wool arrived in the mail today yipee.  I really didn't like the colour of the ishbel I was knitting so decided to rip it back into another project when I see the right one.  In the meantime I am going to cast on another in mad yummy mango.

I must admit, there is nothing like having your husband home for the day to get you away from the computer doing stuff trying to show that I do not sit on the computer all day.   I am such a liar LOL.  I Managed to break the starter motor on the car yesterday which has cemented the no money to buy hand carders revelation whilst in town picking up a few things yesterday - I am kinda annoyed at that, but it is in fact the car that helps pay the bills, not my evergrowing list of craft things - bugger!  one day.......

I was very impressed with the husbands garden so thought I would share a piccy of a 1/4 of it.  Now my Dh is a dedicated man and dug this garden all by hand, and I mean by hand, up at 5 in the morning and finished in time for lunch.  Some call that dedication, another word springs to my mind.

And  with that piccy I had better go and check the roast in the oven and make sure that I have actually turned it on as per specific instructions  LMAO

Sunday, January 17, 2010

time to myself

well the kids have gone off for a week on holiday and husband and I are left childless and twiddling our thumbs lol.  We have a marvelous time camping, although I must admit the munchkins were not as enthusiastic as mum and dad were to spend a week without power.  The buggy and sons 4 wheeler proved most useful as it sure beat walking for miles when we need something from back at camp.

We are back home now, back to reality much to the childrens delight.  I am going to write up a list of unfinished projects to get finished before they return home from their holiday.  I am going to finish with a quote taken from my friend Kirstin - Do not fear the decision - let it empower you - something I  am going to keep repeating in my current job and state of mind LOL.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

hi ho, hi ho, its off camping we go

With a buggy full of stuff and totally off the cuff, hi ho, hi ho, hi hoooooooooooo!  Well it is January the 6th and after a wee dissapointment for the munchkins and a much looked forward to holiday falling through, mummy and daddy decided to pack up the house and take them for a comping experience a la off the cuff style.  This afternoon we went into town and daddy signed up for a fishing competition taking place on saturday, we then went to the warehouse and purchased 2 bins and a few little extras like bins and buckets, fishing thingamajiggies, a beach umbrella and a torch and back home again to pack.  The munchkins are very excited and to be honest I am too.  I plan on taking a few knitting projects and my taaniko to start my bag whilst the kids are playing in the sand.  Although we have a cooking thingee daddy decided to pack the barbeque, and since he is the one doing all the cooking, who was I to complain......  So after writing 4 lists, yes sad I know, but I am now a list gal thanks to a certain friend of mine winkwink.  I *think* I have everything.  There is no power or cell coverage there so it will be a real holiday and I am so looking forward to it, no phone, no TV and OMG no internet shock horror.  (at this point everyone will realise my addiction lol)  so here is the buggy ready to go:

 I am just about to go and print copies of my patterns and get my crafting supplies together, Oh shivers we don't have a table, Meh I'll just throw the kids little table on, thank goodness I can shrink down to size and sit at it without looking like a giant ;0).  Okey dokey, I am off to double check the freezer list and then write up my craft list and toddle off to bed.  Daddy is getting his final fill of command and conquer before we leave, who would have thought $19.95 would provide so much bonding time for the wee man and his daddy, it is truly hilarious listening to them debating over who has the most money and who is going to blow up whose army - ya know boys stuff haha.  Oh dear, just uploaded the photos and a certain wee madam has been on the camera again after being told very explicitly she is not to touch the camera, I shall have to talk to her about this one!  Oh dear, this is what a 4 year old gets up to when mummy is knitting lace - something which requires complete concentration...........
Poor Barbie has had a colour put through her hair....

Next a close up of Madam and her darling pig.....
and ArGHHHHHHHH that is my flinkin cushion off my lounge suite!  Thank you lord for the ability to not lose my patience and SCREAM! I am going to go now, I need a glass of wine..........grrrrr

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oh my lord......

Beginning this post today, we have the muddy monster!  TK asked if she could have a swim in the bin, so we happily agreed as it was extremely hot that day.  Never in my wildest imagination did I consider this was going to happen............

I seem to think the little one has been spending too much time bonding with Mr Oinks Houpapa!
Well today is a glorious day here on the farm, the sun is shining, last time I saw the pig, he as wallowing in the little mud pool I made for him.   Yes i am a good mummy today lol.  I managed to finish my first knitting project for 2010 which was a simple dishcloth but alas a finished project no less. tadaa

I double stranded it and made the easiest dishcloth ever.  I have a lot little things I would like to do today, like make a long list of things that I want to achieve in 2010.  I have joined a group on ravelry called 10 things in 2010 which should prove a nice wee challenge for me.   Am pondering sending the husband off for a hunt for a few days to try out his Poem (yes I have yet to share that one!)  I have heard that venison sausages are nice, I have yet to confirm this one, as the last venison I tasted was yuck!  I was snapping away this morning at the Princess painting and had to laugh at the concentration on the face

Friday, January 01, 2010

happy new year

Heading into 2010, I was scrapbooking into midnight with my cup of coffee, sad I know lol. Dh was very happy and chatty, read as drunk hehe and missed new year by about a day. I was not a very happy camper yesterday as the pig was inside 3 times yesterday and I threatened it with grevious bodily harm after finding it had found its way into my bedroom. At least when I refer to the pig in the bedroom I am in fact not lying! It is ver windy here today and I am suffering from too much craftiness and the motivation has left the building, however I have managed to transform 2 cushions from the above post to the one on the right now.

Still have 3 more to go, but I am too lazy and uninspired to do the rest, will have to save them for another day. I am hoping to do a list of projects to do this year and somehow get some motivation, but that seems a long time coming. I am off now to check out my friends Jo, Hannah and Kelly's blogs to see if they have done any more creating. They are a source of inspiraton these ladies and I do enjoy the craftiness.

Christmas in photo style