Sunday, May 01, 2011

Throw out time!

Well its raining and everywhere I look there is mess, mess and more mess!  So in an effort to get my house under control I have decided to spend my birthday month creating the environment I would love to come home to everyday.  Now, I'm not saying I will actually achieve it but it has to be better than living in a mess I despise and blaming everyone else but me for it lol.  I mean seriously I have 11 wine glasses.  The hilarious thing is that I hate the taste of wine, I just wanted nice glasses to drink my OJ out of at the christmas dinner, so Briscoes had a sale and I bought a set of 6.  Then i went to a friends house for dinner and she had a set of glasses that were just lovely to drink out of and I HAD to have some.  So off to Mitre 10 I went and bought a set of six.  How sad is that!  Add to that an uneven set of pasta plates (5) which don't match my white dinner set, throw in two brown cereal bowls because you know, the cereal doesn't taste as nice out of square ones *rolls eyes*.  Then add about 10 different plastic bowl thingees for the kidlets to take playlunch in, never mind the fact that they both have a sandwich keeper plus each and a sandwich holder and I guess you can understand my dilema.  A hoarder?????? Mmm one must consider the obvious, I obviously have too good a taste for my kitchen cuboards to handle LOL. 

And so I venture into my closet where my nice shoes are.  Yes my vice - shoes and handbags!  I can actually blame this obsession on my mother as she has the most fabulous collection of shoes EVER!  It is indeed in my genes - according to my father.  My dearest husband of course simply cannot understand a womans need for matching shoes and handbags.  One day my dear I shall have you graduating with a masters in the perfect pair of shoes to complete a look.  And so I have vowed to list at least 10 items for the month of May that I successfully get rid of.  Wish me luck!