Monday, October 18, 2010

Everything has gone south!

So here I sit in all my evening glory, jammies with thick woolen socks, pink dressing gown, hair looking like i got an electric shock, perched at the laptop with the fire roaring in the background.  Ah yes thats why hubby married me I'm sure!  To come inside after a hard days work and be greeted by this vision of beauty LOL.  I am a little down in the dumps this evening, mainly brought on by the fact that I have gone down a bra size.  Whilst I am ecstatic at losing weight, I seem to have lost it from the most important bits that fill majority of my tops.  THis was highlighted in a recent trip to town to purchase some new scaffholding required to 'lift' those that needed lifting.  The pure indecency of trying on bra after bra after bra was not for the faint hearted!  Determined as hell I pursued my quest to find that one item that would make me feel 'perky' once again.  I then had a brilliant idea that I should try a push up bra - the inventors of these are such LIARS! Yes they pushed up but then they looked all saggy and old womanly - not the look I was going for to wow the hubby.  So one foot in front of the other I slowly trudged out the door and along with my 'goods' dragging on the floor sweeping the path before them was my lips.

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