Monday, January 17, 2011

Wowsers she's been muggy!

Well along with a new year has come the wonderful discovery of prepaid broadband and an ipad.  Living out in the whops does have its disadvantages with no broadband at all available apart from the good old t stick and telecom.  So I am back in the world of blogging until all my mbs are eaten up.  I have soldiered on with the deluttering and my promise to throw out for every item I bring in soooo

1 pair of op shop sandals $3 (I so love these!)
1 jacket from the op shop
1 ipad - courtesy of hubby claus :)

2 pairs of sandals
1 jacket
3 handbags
1 highchair thingee
1 pair of scissors (desperate I know)lol
1 old laptop
1 PC donated to my older brother whilst DS learns that Mama has the final say on when he can and can't use the computer.
2 pairs of the boys pants
2 boys jerseys
1 pair of hardly worn shoes
1 secondhand pushbike.

And although I was sorely tempted after the constant bickering this morning, these were not in the out pile....yet......

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