Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hunting and fishing comp weekend.....

Anyway here are a few pics of the Houpapa Hunting Crew ;-) The pig getting a tummy rub next to lil miss T is our pet, affectionatey known this week as Oinks Houpapa.

An exciting weekend here as both the kids had a hunting competition in which they had to get a turkey, eel, hare, rabbit, possum and an eel for the Norsewood hunting competition. It was a busy weekend for their daddy taking them both out hunting until dark in the hope that they would catch the big one. All in all they did quite well and Mr T came home with a spot prize with miss T managing to ge 2nd in the possum and a whopping 1st for her 7.35kg turkey much to husbands delight.

Mummy of course clapped the loudest and was most impressed with my little hunters. Of course all the rabbits/hares that were shot are now in the deep freeze ready for cooking. They asked us to leave the eel there and the possum, however miss T wasn't having a bar of it and carried her possum across the paddock into the back of the truck LOL. And miss T with her prizes, daddy is OH so proud.

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