Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today is the day....

That I sort my S%$# out and get myself out of the negative hole I have dug myself into the last week.  Things aren't going so well in the working life and quite frankly, it has consumed my childfree week worrying about what is going on.  I have a great husband who has lent his ear all week and been very supportive, but I am now realising that with my negative thinking and worry I am going to the pack!  So I guess it is a good time to reflect....  An opportunity to embrace what the future brings and learn to grow within myself.

On another note I have increased my craft  supplies to add the above which contain

Some fleeces straight out of the shearing shed for spinning this is sheeps wool

A half a fage of Alpaca

The beginning of a new project - secret squirrel

OOh my mad mango wool arrived in the mail today yipee.  I really didn't like the colour of the ishbel I was knitting so decided to rip it back into another project when I see the right one.  In the meantime I am going to cast on another in mad yummy mango.

I must admit, there is nothing like having your husband home for the day to get you away from the computer doing stuff trying to show that I do not sit on the computer all day.   I am such a liar LOL.  I Managed to break the starter motor on the car yesterday which has cemented the no money to buy hand carders revelation whilst in town picking up a few things yesterday - I am kinda annoyed at that, but it is in fact the car that helps pay the bills, not my evergrowing list of craft things - bugger!  one day.......

I was very impressed with the husbands garden so thought I would share a piccy of a 1/4 of it.  Now my Dh is a dedicated man and dug this garden all by hand, and I mean by hand, up at 5 in the morning and finished in time for lunch.  Some call that dedication, another word springs to my mind.

And  with that piccy I had better go and check the roast in the oven and make sure that I have actually turned it on as per specific instructions  LMAO


  1. hugs hun

    Golly that is a LOT of raw fleece!
    Your Ishbel is looking fab btw

  2. OMG you are going to be one busy busy chook with all that fleece.

    Love love love the garden, very very jealous.

    Hugs about your work, I think it's time to move on.

  3. i never knew you played with fleece too ;)

    aww the pig is cute! & looks like you have a wonderful vege garden