Sunday, January 17, 2010

time to myself

well the kids have gone off for a week on holiday and husband and I are left childless and twiddling our thumbs lol.  We have a marvelous time camping, although I must admit the munchkins were not as enthusiastic as mum and dad were to spend a week without power.  The buggy and sons 4 wheeler proved most useful as it sure beat walking for miles when we need something from back at camp.

We are back home now, back to reality much to the childrens delight.  I am going to write up a list of unfinished projects to get finished before they return home from their holiday.  I am going to finish with a quote taken from my friend Kirstin - Do not fear the decision - let it empower you - something I  am going to keep repeating in my current job and state of mind LOL.

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