Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oh my lord......

Beginning this post today, we have the muddy monster!  TK asked if she could have a swim in the bin, so we happily agreed as it was extremely hot that day.  Never in my wildest imagination did I consider this was going to happen............

I seem to think the little one has been spending too much time bonding with Mr Oinks Houpapa!
Well today is a glorious day here on the farm, the sun is shining, last time I saw the pig, he as wallowing in the little mud pool I made for him.   Yes i am a good mummy today lol.  I managed to finish my first knitting project for 2010 which was a simple dishcloth but alas a finished project no less. tadaa

I double stranded it and made the easiest dishcloth ever.  I have a lot little things I would like to do today, like make a long list of things that I want to achieve in 2010.  I have joined a group on ravelry called 10 things in 2010 which should prove a nice wee challenge for me.   Am pondering sending the husband off for a hunt for a few days to try out his Poem (yes I have yet to share that one!)  I have heard that venison sausages are nice, I have yet to confirm this one, as the last venison I tasted was yuck!  I was snapping away this morning at the Princess painting and had to laugh at the concentration on the face

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  1. LOL, look at madam!
    Congrats on getting your first knitting project of teh year finished too.....may this year be a productive one for you hun :)