Saturday, January 23, 2010

things I would like to achieve by the end of 2010.

Finally the sun has come out to play, yippee!  so I thought I would start my list of things I would like to get done by the end of this year. So starting with a random list that I can come and add to:
  1. learn how to quilt.
  2. make a quilt
  3. spin a raw fleece
  4. knit spun raw fleece into jersey.
  5. make taaniko purse
  6. make 3 pairs of Taaniko earrings
  7. make a fabric bead necklace
  8. make fingerless gloves for mama
  9. make 2 more pinwheel totes
  10. make a junior pinwheel tote for my princess
  11. sew an outfit from scratch for the wee princess.
  12. knit an ishbel and finish it
  13. knit myself something
  14. knit a dishcloth every 3 months for sanity hehe
  15. do the ironing once a week for a month no stops lol
  16. learn how to make Rewana bread
  17. make a paraoa takakau
  18. make a paraoa parai
  19. visit my mama more
  20. visit nan J once every 6 months.
  21. attend knitting night when it starts up.
  22. have no washing come saturday mornings.

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