Friday, January 01, 2010

happy new year

Heading into 2010, I was scrapbooking into midnight with my cup of coffee, sad I know lol. Dh was very happy and chatty, read as drunk hehe and missed new year by about a day. I was not a very happy camper yesterday as the pig was inside 3 times yesterday and I threatened it with grevious bodily harm after finding it had found its way into my bedroom. At least when I refer to the pig in the bedroom I am in fact not lying! It is ver windy here today and I am suffering from too much craftiness and the motivation has left the building, however I have managed to transform 2 cushions from the above post to the one on the right now.

Still have 3 more to go, but I am too lazy and uninspired to do the rest, will have to save them for another day. I am hoping to do a list of projects to do this year and somehow get some motivation, but that seems a long time coming. I am off now to check out my friends Jo, Hannah and Kelly's blogs to see if they have done any more creating. They are a source of inspiraton these ladies and I do enjoy the craftiness.


  1. Couch is looking fantastic Pipi, great work. Oopsy better get cracking on updating my blog for you xx

  2. Hey Pipi, nice work on the couch. It sure will be comfy when you get back from camping.